Tuesday, June 29, 2010

getting closer!

my nutritionist appointment went well. she was a little horrified that none of my doctor's were concerned about my lack of weight gain. she herself had twins and was very knowledgeable about the added nutritional requirements. she has me focusing on getting in a ton of protein (100mg a day which is equivalent to 12-14 eggs!) i've been drinking carn.ation instant breakfast with an extra scoop of dry milk in the mornings and having a protein bar for one of my snacks. she also told me to eat ice cream once a day-no problems there! i have learned to spread out my carbs to not overload my system with glucose, as it seems to be unable to process it well. this just means having water with my meals and saving sweet drinks (ginger ale or lemonade) for in between meals and things like that. a little annoying, but totally doable. it all seems to be working as i have gained 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

i had an ob appointment this morning. i really liked this doctor (finally!) she measured my belly and i'm measuring 38 weeks!! (i'm 29 weeks) obviously that is totally normal since i'm carrying twins, but i was still surprised. no wonder i've been feeling so uncomfortable! i can't believe i still have 2 months to go. i can't imagine what i'll look like in the end. and speaking of the end, she went ahead and scheduled me for a c-section for aug 31st, which will be 38 weeks. it seems weird to have a set date, although i know they may come before that. i can't believe it's getting so close. i hope they stay cozy inside me for a while longer- no matter how uncomfortable i am. i'd love to have my babies come home with me when i leave the hospital.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Third Trimester!

i made it! i am officially in my third trimester. if the fort knox that is my cervix decided to let loose and let the babies out, they would actually have a fighting chance.

my belly button started popping out today, which grosses me out. i have always had sort of a deep belly button, so it's slowly been getting more and more shallow. the skin around my current bellybutton isn't used to seeing the light of day and is really soft and sensitive. weird.

my body does not feel like my own. it's large and round and hard to move it around like i used to. just rolling over from one side to the other in bed takes so much effort, usually i'm breathing heavily by the end of it. i feel punches and kicks and pops and gurgles often. anytime i get up from sitting for a while my legs feel like they have become detached from my body and it hurts right where my legs and my body intersect.

my food aversions have gotten stronger again, like in the beginning and meat is no longer my friend. i have even vomited a few times and gag every time i brush my teeth.

but there are two growing girls inside of me that make all these little annoyances and discomforts worth it. i can't believe in only 10 weeks (that's 70 days!) i will be considered term (37 weeks) it seems so close and so far all at once. i can't wait to see these babies and study their features and hear their little grunts and feel the warmth and the weight of them over my shoulder. but at the same time, i feel unprepared. the room isn't even painted, the cribs are not delivered, and they are still too small to come out. i am trying to imagine how life is going to change, but i know i won't know until i know. but i'm getting exited to find out.

Monday, June 7, 2010

results and shower

i called the ob this morning, AGAIN. i stressed that my test was a week ago and they had told me i would get the results the next day. the nurse said she would talk to the doctor and call me back. she called back within a few minutes. i do not have gestational diabetes, BUT one of my numbers was pretty high, just on the cusp of normal. they want me to meet with a nutritionist and they will have me do fasting blood draws at my appointments from now on so they can make sure it stays in the normal range.

i'm glad they are having me meet with a nutritionist since i've been asking to meet with one since the beginning. i am 26 weeks and i have still yet to gain any weight. i originally lost about 16-18 pounds, and have been regaining and re-losing that over and over. i am just at 1 pound over my pre pregnancy weight now. the ob seems to think this is a great thing and keeps telling me i'm lucky, but it seems counterintuitive since i'm trying to grow two humans. the MFM, although not too concerned, said i need to be eating more and gave me numbers that added up to 3000 calories a day! that just seems like too much. all the books say you should eat and gain a bunch for twins, but my doctors don't agree with that. i don't know who to listen to. i'm eating what i can when i can, but unfortunately still have many food aversions. i'm hoping the nutritionist will give me a plan i can believe in.

i had a growth u/s today. the babies are looking good, measuring 1 lb 11 oz and 1 lb 13 oz. baby A has turned herself head down but baby B is still transverse. mr. had an important work thing so my mom came and enjoyed seeing them. she had never seen an u/s like this since when she had her babies they didn't really do them and they weren't as clear. my cervix is still long and closed.

my shower was yesterday. we got lots of great stuff! lots of cute outfits, an er.go carrier and mo.by wrap, twin nursing pillow and twin lightweight stroller, lots of our cloth diapers (we are planning on using bum.genius 3.0) and diapering accessories, a very cute diaper bag and some super cute handmade quilts from my BFF that match their nursery. one of my girlfriends gave me 2 onesies that say."Wishes do come true" and i started crying. i can't believe i am lucky enough to be growing 2 healthy babies. getting things for them definitely made it feel a little more real. after opening the first few gifts of double of everything i stopped and was like,"oh my gosh i'm having TWO babies!" every once in a while it really hits me and sends me into a little bit of panic. but i can't wait :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

3 hour glucose

I had my 3 hour glucose tolerance test this past Tuesday. i was holding off posting until i had the results from the doctor, but since I STILL DON'T HAVE THEM, i figured i'd post about the test.

it was hell. i had my last snack at 8pm. i was not allowed to eat again until after the test the next day. normally i would have a small snack before bed around 10 and occasionally i even get up in the middle of the night and eat a nutri.grain bar because i'm so hungry. i still am only up 1 pound over my prepregnancy weight, but these babies need a lot of calories!

anywho, by the time i got to the lab i was hungry. they tested my urine and then drew some blood. i then drank an entire bottle of the super sugary orange drink (think old school mc.donald's orange drink with way too much syrup). for the 1 hour, i only have to drink about a third of the bottle.

i sat in the waiting room with my book. at the 1 hour mark i had my second blood draw of the day and was doing okay. but about 20 minutes before the 2 hour mark i started feeling really sick. i went to tell the lab lady (she told me to tell her when i felt sick) and asked her if i had to do it over if i threw up. i felt nauseous, lightheaded and my heart was pounding out of my chest. she had a nurse come get me and put me in a room so i could lie down. she checked my blood pressure, which was up and had me lie on my left side with an ice pack on the back of my neck so i didn't pass out. the lab lady came into the room at hour 2 for my 3rd blood draw.

lying down definitely helped a litte, but i was also starting to worry a little because the girls hadn't moved around in a while. next time the nurse checked on me i asked if someone would doppler me to make sure they were okay. just before hour 3 (my 4th and final blood draw) the midwife came in and i heard their beautiful heartbeats thumping away. i walked back to the lab for the final draw and then rushed out of there to get some food. by the time i left it was about 12 noon.

i still have not heard the results! i'm hoping that is a good sign and not a sign that they lost them and are going to tell me i have to do it all over again or something. i will update when i hear, hopefully monday? i also have an u/s on monday. mr. can't go so i think my mom is going to come, she is super excited :)