Monday, June 7, 2010

results and shower

i called the ob this morning, AGAIN. i stressed that my test was a week ago and they had told me i would get the results the next day. the nurse said she would talk to the doctor and call me back. she called back within a few minutes. i do not have gestational diabetes, BUT one of my numbers was pretty high, just on the cusp of normal. they want me to meet with a nutritionist and they will have me do fasting blood draws at my appointments from now on so they can make sure it stays in the normal range.

i'm glad they are having me meet with a nutritionist since i've been asking to meet with one since the beginning. i am 26 weeks and i have still yet to gain any weight. i originally lost about 16-18 pounds, and have been regaining and re-losing that over and over. i am just at 1 pound over my pre pregnancy weight now. the ob seems to think this is a great thing and keeps telling me i'm lucky, but it seems counterintuitive since i'm trying to grow two humans. the MFM, although not too concerned, said i need to be eating more and gave me numbers that added up to 3000 calories a day! that just seems like too much. all the books say you should eat and gain a bunch for twins, but my doctors don't agree with that. i don't know who to listen to. i'm eating what i can when i can, but unfortunately still have many food aversions. i'm hoping the nutritionist will give me a plan i can believe in.

i had a growth u/s today. the babies are looking good, measuring 1 lb 11 oz and 1 lb 13 oz. baby A has turned herself head down but baby B is still transverse. mr. had an important work thing so my mom came and enjoyed seeing them. she had never seen an u/s like this since when she had her babies they didn't really do them and they weren't as clear. my cervix is still long and closed.

my shower was yesterday. we got lots of great stuff! lots of cute outfits, an er.go carrier and wrap, twin nursing pillow and twin lightweight stroller, lots of our cloth diapers (we are planning on using bum.genius 3.0) and diapering accessories, a very cute diaper bag and some super cute handmade quilts from my BFF that match their nursery. one of my girlfriends gave me 2 onesies that say."Wishes do come true" and i started crying. i can't believe i am lucky enough to be growing 2 healthy babies. getting things for them definitely made it feel a little more real. after opening the first few gifts of double of everything i stopped and was like,"oh my gosh i'm having TWO babies!" every once in a while it really hits me and sends me into a little bit of panic. but i can't wait :)


Amanda said...

Delurking here... I'm glad you GD test look pretty good, and I'm glad that they will be continuing to keep an eye on it. I had some nutritional counseling early in my pregnancy to help prevent GD and it went fine, but then I spent the next 3 months fighting with my insurance company to get them to pay. I had called and made sure it was ok ahead of time and then they denied the claim... it was a very stressful disaster. The issue was that they only covered "DIABETIC" counseling and not "NUTRITIONAL" counseling (unless you are an insulin dependent diabetic)... so you might want to make what your ins covers and then make sure the it gets coded appropriately at the appointment. It eventually all worked out, but I don't want you to have to go through that if you can avoid it... you have enough to worry about!

I wanted to let you know I cloth diaper too! I love it. I don't know if you have a plan for CDing your newborns or not, but BG probably won't fit until they are 10-12lbs. I just saw a really cool newborn diaper rental program from that looks really affordable if you are interested.

Oh, and those onesies sound so precious, what a wonderful gift.

sunflowerchilde said...

I'm planning to cloth diaper too, and I really don't know what I'm doing. I have the minimum amount of diapers and covers now, but still haven't figured out how I'm going to handle the dirty ones before they are washed.

Just like you, every once in a while I freak out because I realize there are going to be TWO BABIES. HOLY CRAP! Like when I got my second carseat and snapped it into my double snap n go. And then I looked at the whole contraption and wondered what in the world I've got myself into.

I'm sorry about the borderline GD - hopefully it's easy to keep under control, and it's great that at least you get some nutritional counseling out of it.

Erin said...

I have the "Ohmygosh, I'm having TWO babies," feeling all the time. Like, there are TWO PEOPLE in there. It's crazy.