Thursday, August 20, 2009


i need this to work
i NEED this to work
i need THIS to work
i need this to WORK!

i feel like everyone around me is pregnant.  seriously.  two more pregnancy announcements over the weekend, and i spent the weekend with prego friend #1 and prego friend #2, who are due 2 weeks apart.  as you can imagine, there was lots of pregnancy and baby talk. ugh.

i'm feeling good and positive about this cycle, but mostly because i can't bear to think about what comes next if it doesn't work

 i honestly don't know how some of you keep on going after so much heartache and procedures and surgeries and side effects and time and money much.  well, part of me does know, you keep going because you can't stop until you reach your goal of a healthy baby.

i know this FET might not work.  the numbers are not in our favor.  (FET at my clinic has about a 33% success rate) but i NEED it to work.  i'm getting ready to start a new school year, which means the next few months will be stressful and hectic as it is, while the new kids and i adjust to one another.  i can't possibly keep my business going if i have to start late and miss days for a fresh cycle.  the new families won't understand, and may leave, and enrollment is down as it is, so i really can't afford to let that happen.  because of the regulations, i can't hire a fill in person either, (although i guess i may have to see what i can do there if i have to)

i need this to work.  i'm afraid of where i will go if it doesn't. 

please oh please tell me you know SOMEONE who's had a BFP from an FET....pretty please?


Just me said...

Hoping great things for this cycle!!! Thanks for your encouragement with my own. :) :) :)

Lin said...

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck and send BIG, GIANT (((HUGS))) your way! I also wanted to say that I'm unbelievable impressed that you were able to spend the weekend with two preggo friends. I have a great deal of anxiety right now about spending time with my preggo BFF. I'm just not in a comfortable enough place with it yet, I guess. Kudos and HUGS, because I know it couldn't have been easy!

S said...

During my early, optimistic TTC days, I was in a buddy group on One of the members of the buddy group was TTC #2 and had conceived her first baby (daughter) with their first FET. She doesn't have a blog or anything to which I can direct you, but it CAN happen.

I don't know if you read the blog Conceive This!, but the author is also getting ready to do her first FET.

Good luck! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.

P.S. I feel ya on everyone else being pregnant. Ugh.

A Few Good Sperm said...

I don't know the statistics, but from the blogs I've seen, lots of people have had success with FET's. I wish you the best of luck!

Missy said...

GL on the FET. And there are so many preggos around now I'm going crazy

Hillary said...

I so want this to work for you! I, too, have seen many bloggers who have had FET successes!

Cassandra said...

I know lots of bloggers and even people in real life who've gotten BFPs from FET, and many of them even ended up with Real Live Babies.

Not me, because I never had any embryos make it to freeze, but lots of other people, I swear.

Good luck!

eve said...

I'm cheering you on here!!!!! Several of the ladies on my message board for my IVF clinic have children through FET.

It DOES work!!!!!

My two best friends are pregnant right now (one 5 months, and one 8 weeks) and my absolute biggest fear was leaving my IVF being the 'special infertile freind' again.

Praying that you get the desires fo your heart!!!!

Eve (infertility rocks blog)

jones said...

thanks! and i so very much hope that "it" works!!!

Tiffanie said...

i hope this is your cycle. and, for what it's worth, i know 2 people that have gotten pg after a FET and also saw a show last night where it worked and the girl was pg with twins.

it does suck when everyone else is pg. that was my life for 3 yrs.

myemptynest said...

Here's one for you. CELINE DION! pregnant with an embryo frozen for 8 years. Yours is freshly frozen. No problemo.

Also, I have a friend who has twins and it was from a FET from her first IVF batch.

you're gonna be ok.

S said...

Not sure if you visited the blog I recommended in my prior comment (Conceive This!,, but she posted a BFP last night from her first FET! 6dpt.

I thought of you almost right away! Hope your outcome will be as good.