Friday, November 6, 2009


on day 35, i finally called the doc to get some provera. i was starting to worry that if we didn't get this thing started, it would end up ruining our vacation at the beginning of january anyway after all the persuasion i had to use to get him to let me start. when i called, i spoke with a nurse i hadn't dealt with before. she was all,"oh, you have to wait 3 months, you can't have provera" i was like, "listen lady, it's already been approved. i have my BCP and my lab orders, give me the damn provera" after she spoke with the RE, she did indeed call in the provera. today is day 5 on that. which means, AF should arrive sometime towards the end of next week i think. i usually take a week or more to get it after provera.

so, just waiting for AF. then i need my day 3 labs and a sonohystogram. i'm starting to get a little nervous. i feel like i don't quite remember what i went through the first time. was it harder than i'm remembering? were my side effects worse than i remember? the only thing i do seem to remember is the pain and bloat after my retrieval, so this time i'll take 2 days off afterwards. and i seem to remember when it all ended, it was like emerging from a hormone fog. i am hoping that it will all come back to me, and having done it all once before will help me take it day by day and not get too stressed. and i am trying to keep up the hope.


Lin said...

Glad the nurse (and RE) cooperated and you were able to start the Provera. Will keep praying that this is your cycle!

myemptynest said...

keep the faith! i'm thinking of you.

irrationalexuberance said...

I'm glad you were able to convince the nurse of the error of her ways and get what you needed. Good luck with the provera!

Beautiful Mess said...

Good for you for telling that nurse what the deal is! Clearly she had no idea what the hell she was talking about.

I hope the Provera does it's job. I'm crossing all things crossable for you, hon!

Hillary said...

Whew, glad you talked them into giving you the provera! I hope AF arrives soon.