Monday, April 26, 2010

20 weeks!

i'm halfway there! i can't believe it. i am starting to get physically uncomfortable and it's getting harder to do the things i'm used to. i get tired out very easily and even my belly gets tired. i still am 2 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, but i'm sure i will start gaining steadily now.

at our 18 week u/s we got some possibly troubling news. Baby A has a "single umbilical artery" when there are supposed to be two. Because they found no other abnormalities, chances are she'll be fine and everything will be normal, but it's still worrisome. the biggest concern the doctors have at this point is whether she continues to grow at the same rate as Twin B. i will have monthly growth ultrasounds to check on this, but so far they are measuring exactly the same. we've decided not to tell anyone about this unless the doctors give us more definite information. i'm trying to stay positive and not consult google obsessively about this. although, if anyone has any personal experience with this i'd appreciate hearing about it.

we ordered the cribs yesterday. they take 3-4 months to come in, so that will allow us to hopefully get the room all set before the babies come. i've picked out curtains and a wall decal and a trees, birds and owls theme in pink, orange and grass green. we have some more rearranging to do and then mr. will paint the walls, probably a pale blue. i'm excited to get their room all ready! i'm hoping and praying everyday that both babies are healthy and that i am able to keep them in me growing happily for a long time, hopefully at least to 35 weeks. i have 5 more weeks of work and then i'll have the summer off to stay unstressed and rested to help keep them growing as long as i can, (even though i'm sure i'll be huge and hot and uncomfortable:)


sunflowerchilde said...

It's totally true that other people's pregnancies fly by when your own seems to drag. I can't believe you're halfway there already when it feels like I have been pregnant forever! I'm sorry I have no personal experience to offer you on the cord problem. I would hope that your doctor gave you a lot of information about it - if not, perhaps you could get a second opinion?

Melissia said...

I am a retired L&D nurse and I have seen this several times in my career. I retired just within the last couple of years so am still keeping current with trends and my experience has been that when this occurs without any other issues these babies do just fine, but moms do sometimes need to be on bedrest during their last few weeks or months if fetal growth is a problem. I am sure that your doc will keep a close eye and you will as well, just be sure and get as much rest as you can and start eating and drinking as much as you can tolerate to get your and the babies weight up now. That way if you do have to delivery early for any reason the babies will have a little extra weight on them, as bigger babies do do better in the short and long term. Best of luck, and take care, I am sure that she will do just great.

One Who Understands said...

So happy you made it to 20 weeks. I will be praying for little BabyA. Cribs! Oh what an exciting purchase. It must be wonderful to make it to this point.

I have a question for you about the progesterone suppositories. It is kind of personal, would you mind emailing me at Thanks!

Alexandra said...

I have a friend who had the same issue with the cord. It is very important that you eat as much as you can, obviously in a healthy way. You need to gain weight, without it the girls will not gain on track. Especially with twins it is very important. Her baby was born at 41 weeks at 6lbs 5oz. That is small but not worrisome for 41 weeks. She was told to eat as much calories as possible and stay off her feet as much as possible. Good luck.

Beautiful Mess said...

Awesome! Half way, YAY!!!!

I hope the cord is not an issue and that baby grows big for ya! From the comments before me, looks like you've got some good advice. I love it when I get personal experience advice when I ask a question. It's SO much better then asking Dr. Google.

mybumpyjourney said...

Wow- half way there already!! That is awesome. I love the way that you had the sexes revealed to you! That is the coolest thing.
I will be praying for baby A! I have a IRL friend that has the same thing going on with her pregnancy, and I pray it all is okay with you.

Jezzafuji said...

Halfway there - that really seems to have flown by. You must be the size of a house already! :)

It's nice that you've got some good and sensible advice - when J was pregnant with our twins I vowed to ban her from Google because of the nightmare scenarios that would flood her thoughts with even the slightest issue.

Resting up for the Summer is absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, definitely, certainly the best idea you could have. Without wishing to sound melodramatic, once your wonderful bundles of love are here, you will feel a strange combination of elated and absolutely shattered beyond all recognition, and even remembering your name and where you live will be a challenge. So rest up as much as you possibly can.

Also, I'd reiterate the messages from previous commenters - do try to absorb everything you can. The weight estimates are just that - and everything changes so much in the last few weeks prior to birth that the bigger and more 'baked' they can be, the better. J went to 37+4 before her elective and even then they'd happily have let her go on for another couple of weeks. (I think she'd have tried to get them out herself before that if they'd made her wait any longer!) :)

Keep us posted and we're really keeping everything crossed that all will be fine.

J x

Marie said...

Hi - I'm an IF blog lurker - I had a baby who is 2 yrs old now, and am struggling with secondary infertility. No interventions with the first pregnancy, but now we are going to see fertility specialists. Anyway - about the SUA:

My 2-year-old also had a single umbilical artery, and we found out at the 20 week ultrasound. They checked and re-checked his heart and kidneys especially - they say that with only one artery there is a possibility that only one kidney will develop. Anyway, he was perfectly fine and healthy! born at 36 weeks at 6 lbs 7 oz. My advice from having lived through it is to try to not stress about it -- worry never helps anything.