Tuesday, April 13, 2010

getting busy

literally. we had pregnant sex. actually, it was the first sex we've had since before i started stims for this IVF, way back in December. i had offered a few times over the last weeks, but mr. wouldn't have it. he was too nervous he would hurt me or the babies or cause something bad to happen. well, we finally did it and i cried. whoops. i think it was just a release of emotion and stress. it's happened to me before. (does this happen to other people?) it's a weird uncontrollable cry that sometimes can turn into laughter. anyways, i was also pushing mr.'s belly to protect my own. i think he summed it up best when after he said, "well, that was pretty much as awkward as i thought it would be."

so, i'm 18w2d. my belly continues it's rapid expansion. i'm starting to get more physically uncomfortable. i'm having a hard time bending to reach things on the floor (which is tough since i work with kids and am constantly picking stuff up). After sitting for a while, i have to stand or lay down to give my belly a break. i think it gets too squished in there. i know it is only going to get worse, so i'm trying to enjoy what i can for now. on friday we have our "BIG" ultrasound. we decided that mr. is going to find out the genders but i will not. he and my mom will make a two layer cake and dye each layer either pink or blue. then, on saturday my family and a few friends are coming over to "cut the cake" to find out who is in there. that is how i will find out. i'm really looking forward to knowing. my gut is telling me boy/girl, but we will see!


Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

wow! what a neat way to find out the genders!! it's not usually the mom who gets to be surprised, i love it!

we've done the pregnant ex thing a few times despite the fact that the vaunted 2nd trimester horniness has come nowhere near me. and it hasn't been great for me either - DH is afraid of poking Bug in the eye, and thanks to my low lying placenta, it's super uncomfortable for me. oh well, just 5 more months ;).

Christa said...

Wow, I must be the odd one out because my husband and I only lasted about 9 days after the embryo transfer! We weren't supposed to have sex for about 5 weeks but we didn't really listen to that advice. I think this time around we will but it's one thing to say it and another thing to actually do it...or NOT do it :)

Wishing 4 One said...

LOL at doin' your thang girl. crying, just so you know you are not the only one who this happened to, em ehm.

What a very cool way to find out, you are good, i don't think I could wait. xoxoxo

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for sex! Sorry about crying, though. I did that a few times and you explained it PERFECTLY!

I can't wait to hear about your shower! I love that, that's how you're finding out. How exciting!