Wednesday, December 23, 2009


i spoke with one of the doctor's today. apparently i answered the questions from the nurse wrong and they were worried i had over stimmed. they wanted to freeze all my embryos and wait on the transfer! i spoke with him at length and explained that i am SO much better off than i was the first time and that i felt i would be fine by day 5. i think they had flagged me because my e2 was twice what it was the first time. turns out, thats just means i had more mature eggs! he gave me the lowdown on my embryos- 17 fertilized, 9 are currently "grade A". YAY!! he said everything looks really great and the embryos look much better than the first time.

i have a tentative transfer scheduled tomorrow afternoon, but chances are they will call in the am and tell me to wait until saturday.

i am feeling happy and excited that my embies are looking better than before. i can't wait to get them back inside me and hope for a christmas miracle :)


Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

phew! thank goodness they cleared up that miscommunication!! so glad to hear such a GREAT fert report!! i hope they give you the call tomorrow to wait until Saturday, that'll mean all your embies are doing great. So exciting! GL sweetie!

JB said...

17 and 9 are fantastic numbers - good luck!

Gabby said...

i am really happy for you!! i relly am hoping for a christmas miracle for you! it's great to stimulate so well and get lots of eggs!

i beleive i overstimulated this first time.. I didn't get sick, didn't have any sifde effects, but did have a high estradiol level. how high was yours?

many many people get pregnant even with high estradiol level - i really hope you do too! for me, it was the frozen cycle 2 months later, and i think for me, it was the high estradiol level..

can't wait to hear!!

Gabby said...

oh also - wanted to say - you have shown that your body Can get pregnant. you can do this! and you wil. that ectopic this summer.. i am thinking that that was a total FLUKE.. and that this is the one for you..

i am praying for your embryologist. i really beleive in thier role in this.. at this moment they are taking care of your future baby!!