Wednesday, December 2, 2009

here we go again

i've been on lu.pron since last friday and so far it has been all good.
my suppression check is on tuesday, and from there i will get my day 1 for stims.

i am so crazy busy this time of year. i think this year in particular, i have been taking on more than usual. maybe it's some way of trying to keep my mind busy with other things and off of infertility, who knows. i am taking a sewing class with a few girlfriends, which has been fun. i sew, they are just starting, but we are each doing projects at our own level. i am learning some new techniques i haven't done before (like gathering and using a serger) i also decided to do a mostly homemade xmas, so i have been creating, sewing and knitting like crazy.

on top of all of that, i volunteer for a local organization that provides xmas for families in need. this takes up a few hours every evening. and mr. and i are still getting the house back together after being under construction since august. it has to be done before xmas, since my MIL comes to visit for a week!

i think it's good for me to be busy. it's allowing me to not have time to be sad about where i am right now, particularly as 2 of my best friends are due around the holidays. i am going through the motions of this cycle, although i've been good about eating healthy and exercising (but i'll have to stop exercising when i start stims). sometimes i wonder if it's a good thing that i'm not over thinking this cycle, or if i'm not putting enough energy into it. who knows...

i am really hoping i have many eggs, like last time. they lowered my dose slightly as they think i may have overstimmed a little last time. many of our embies didn't make it past 48 hours, but it was okay because we started out with so many (21 i think?) i am hoping i have about that many this time. for those of you who have gone through more than 1 IVF cycle, did you respond in about the same way each time?


One Who Understands said...

Good luck with this cycle. Good to keep busy and not over think every little detail. Praying for lots of eggs!

JB said...

Detach, detach, detach yourself from the cycle. Your RE is calling all the shots, so try to distract yourself. Busy is good! Of course, easier said than done (and I'm lousy at it).

babyinterrupted said...

Thinking of you and cheering you on. Hope it all goes well on Tuesday!

Hillary said...

I hope this cycle goes even better than the last, with a healthy pregnancy at the end. Thinking of you as you start the process again!

Beautiful Mess said...

Sending you SO much good JUJU for your cycle.

I want to be on your Christmas list! A sewing class sounds like fun, do you have to have ACTUAL talent for that? I do not posses that.