Wednesday, December 31, 2008

it's a new dawn, it's a new day

20 Years ago....
1. I was in third grade
2. I got kicked out of class for laughing uncontrollably
3. I hated to take baths
4. I had long brown hair
5. I had good friends

10 Years ago...
1. I was in college
2. I was skinny 
3. I had long brown hair
4. I had good friends
5. I loved to laugh and create and be silly

Last Year....
1. I got married!!
2. I donated 11 inches of my hair to Locks of Love
3. I visited 2 other countries
4. I had good friends
5. I felt I had a path to follow

1. I was snowed in
2. I read 100 pages of a new book
3. I sat by the fire 
4. I talked to and laughed with some friends
5. I snuggled with my puppy

In the next year....
1. I hope my marriage continues to thrive
2. I hope to get pregnant with my first child
3. I hope to express my feelings more
4. I hope to live a healthy life
5. I hope my friends and family continue to support and surround me

10 Years from now....
1. I hope I am a good mother
2. I hope my husband and I continue to hold hands and tongue kiss
3. I hope I'm laughing with my old friends while we watch our kids play
4. I hope I am learning something new
5. I hope I am a better person than I am today

Happy New Year!