Tuesday, February 3, 2009


so. here i am.  waiting and waiting and waiting for aunt flo to arrive.  for so many months i have prayed that she would not arrive, and here i am hoping she comes.  This will be my first month with some fertility help.  I will take 100 mg Clomid from day 3- day 7.  On day 10, i'll go in for an ultrasound to measure my follicles.  When they are big enough, I'll give myself a trigger shot of Ovidril and have acupuncture and IUI the next 2 days.  I'm an anxious to get started on this journey for a baby.  The anxiety is probably what's making aunt flo stay away, but i will keep waiting.  today is day 48.  i've never gone this long.  but i'm willing to wait.  i just hope this journey brings us a baby soon.  

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