Monday, April 6, 2009

first follicle check

i had my day 10 follicle check on sunday.  there were all under 10mm.  i am a little concerned about that.  last month, on day 10 i had one that was 11mm.  hmmm.... i don't have enough experience with this to know if this is problematic or not.  i guess i will know more on wednesday at the next check.  grow follies, grow!!

i've started telling my family and close friends that we are moving on to IVF next cycle if this cycle doesn't work.  some of them don't know that we've already done an IUI once, so they are a little surprised.  mr.m absolutely does NOT want me to tell anyone about his sperm problems, so it's hard to explain to people why we need it.  i've just been saying, "well, based on all of our testing, the doctor's think it's our best chance".  i need people to know what i'm going through so i can talk about it and get some emotional support, but it's hard to dance around the reasons for it.  most of them are pretty clueless about infertility stuff, so it doesn't matter and i'm sure the 1 or 2 people who are familiar can guess that we have more than PCOS as an issue.  we were visiting mr. m's brother and his wife (and 3 kids) yesterday and we were getting some comments about when we were going to have kids, so we told them we were having some trouble and doing an IUI.  the reaction was, "oh that's weird, you're getting pregnant from a turkey baster."  needless to say we did not tell them what our next steps are.  people are so insensitive!


Baby Steps said...

Wow. People are so lame sometimes.

That is one of the reasons discussing IF is so difficult. It's such a fine line, and I feel exactly the same way you do. I want to tell at least SOME people so I can have some sort of support, but the second you open up, you risk having to hear such stupid comments.

Good luck with your treatments!

S said...

People are indeed insensitive. And because the majority of people have no trouble getting pregnant themselves, they tend to be especially clueless about infertility.

I think your answer tells people all they need to know about why you are pursuing treatment. It's none of their business really what specific barriers you face.

Good luck with this cycle!

P.S. Try explaining to people why you are having intervention when all your testing has been normal! We don't even have a "problem" (aside from my advanced age) that we could tell people about even if we wanted to.

A Few Good Sperm said...

"oh that's weird, you're getting pregnant from a turkey baster."

How typical, I hope you find better support elsewhere.

sunflowerchilde said...

I have experience a few of the same comments, it's one of the reasons I'm not telling almost anyone about our treatments. I told my mom and she asks me completely incredible questions (like "Have you gotten your period lately?" - she thought that was the most tactful way of inquiring how things were going. Um ... yeah.)

I never understand why men are so touchy about the subject, though. I guess it's just a guy thing.

Beautiful Mess said...

I'm sorry you received such insensitive support and comments. That's no good at all. Although, I do think it's great that you're willing to put IT out there in order to receive support. Maybe once your family and friends understand a bit more, they'll be more supportive. I sure hope so!
*chanting* grow, grow, grow!

Tiffanie said...

goddamned turkey baster comment. i would like to shove a turkey baster up everyone's ass sideways that has said that to me. fuckers.

Missy said...

I'm sorry for the insensitive comments. We've just started telling our family too. Luckily there haven't been too bad comments yet, but I'm worried they will come.

Hillary said...

Ugh, that comment sucks!! Wow.

I hope your follie keeps growing to the perfect size! :)

Liv said...

Don't be concerned about your CD10 follicle check, I've had many a cycle start out that way and then end up with perfectly mature follies on CD16 for triggering and IUI on CD18. Slow and steady still wins the race! (Fingers crossed that it wins the race AND the grand prize at the end!)

Oh and this one's for your insensitive family:

"Oh, what's that a turkey baster just fell out of your ass? That's weird."

Thanks for your comment on my last post and adding yourself to my bloggy people list! (and now because of my uncouth remark you'll probably want to take it back!LOL!)