Wednesday, April 8, 2009

why aren't my follicles cooperating?!

i had another follicle check today, Day 13 and still none of them are over 10mm. bummer. last month i had one that was 15mm on day 13. it looks like my body is just not cooperating this month at all.  i have one more check on friday, but if none have grown, this cycle will be cancelled. shit.

while talking to the nurse this afternoon, i asked about mr.m's SA from last week and to find out when we hear if the insurance approves our IVF for next cycle.  last week they had told me his count was 53 million with 77% motility, which is the HIGHEST it's ever been! of course, this was the one SA we needed to be really bad so the insurance would approve us.  anyway, the morphology wasn't in yet because they send it out to a different lab. today i got the results.  

0%.  yes, that's right, none, zero, zilch, nada.  none of those guys were normal.  damn.  well, at least that pretty much guarantees insurance coverage for IVF/ICSI. but if 0% are normal, can they find any to fertilize my eggs?  i'll have to check with dr. google.

so that is 2 bad things that have happened today and yes, i do really believe everything comes in three's.  i'm afraid to leave the house.


sunflowerchilde said...

Damn, that is bad luck. Well, if the morphology was 0, it sounds like it's best to cancel this cycle and move on to IVF. I'm so sorry, I'm sure this isn't how you were expecting things to turn out. Hopefully your insurance will cover everything and IVF/ICSI will turn out to be a great option for you.

Mary said...

Shit. What was his morphology in the past? Has it been poor before? I'm sorry, hon.

Hillary said...

Sorry about your uncooperative follicles -- that sucks!! I hope they grow grow grow by Friday!

And I'm sorry about the 0% morph. I don't think the morph matters if you do IVF. And morph is debatable in the medical community -- I've heard of people getting pregnant through TI with 0% morph. But IVF does sound like the way to go :(

Beautiful Mess said...

Dang girl, you've just had one of those days. I'm sorry about the bad news. I'm sending you lots of hugs!

Liv said...

Holy shmoly that's a lot to bear. I'm sorry to hear about the 0% morphology. How crazy to jump to IVF/ICSI straight up like that.

I'm sorry. I hope things get better for you soon. Take care,