Wednesday, July 15, 2009

it's been a while

it's been a while since my last post. nothing too much to report.  as much as i did not want to take a break, it's actually been kind of nice.  i don't think i realized how much all the meds and stress of daily appointments, etc. was taking a toll on me.  i've actually felt normal lately!

since i had a little break from treatment and had no doctor-imposed restrictions on my exercise, i went back to my trainer and have been boxing with him 3 days a week.  he is KICKING MY ASS! every muscle in my body aches, i make sound from the pain anytime i get up from sitting or go up the stairs, and it feels great! although, i am so sore today i don't know how i'm going to handle the ass-kicking this afternoon.

this weekend, mr. and i celebrate our first year of marriage :)  the time flew by and we are even more in love than we were on that day.  he truly is my best friend and i can't imagine a life without him.  unfortunately we will be "celebrating" while in new jersey for his stepmother's 60th birthday party- that we received an email about, saying,"we'd like the weekend to be stress free, but please wear khaki pants and a white top so we all look nice in photos." yea, enough said.  at least we got a hotel room so we can escape the madness when we need to!

my meds for the thaw cycle came in the mail.  just estrace pills and progesterone in oil shots.  i'm still waiting for flo to arrive, but i actually do think i ovulated this month so it should come on time around the 25th.  we'll see...


Missy said...

Happy anniversary!

Just me said...

Hey there. I hope you are enjoying the break and that you had a great anniversary. :)

I miss you here in blog-land!