Wednesday, July 8, 2009


thanks for putting up with my jealous and bratty last post.  if you commented, or are interested, i posted some follow up thoughts in the comments of that post.  you ladies always "see" me at my worst.  every emotion and feeling gets written out in this blog, and rarely in real life.  so thanks.

as much as i didn't want to take a break this month, it's actually okay.  i don't think i realized how much i was affected by all the hormones and stuff.  i actually feel normal!  on the drugs, i was exhausted and irritated and b!tchy.  it's been nice to be able to go out for drinks with friends and get things accomplished around the house.  and be pleasant to my husband.

mr.m is CONVINCED we can get pregnant on our own. (and if i was cool i could link to an older post about that, but i still can't figure out how to do that...damn)  he has me peeing on OPK's and doing the deed every other day.  i am playing along, even though i know there is no way we will get pregnant on our own.  he actually falls for all those stories everyone tells him about a "friend they know".  whatever, i am actually in a good mood, so i'm enjoying all the se.x. i am also hoping aunt flo will show up right on time so we can get moving on this thaw cycle.  

speaking of which, remember way back when, when i used to be all hopeful and optimistic? (again, sorry i can't link)  well, i'm bringing hopeful back. (sing it like justin) last cycle i tried to remain neutral, and i did.  and it didn't help at all.  the negative hit me harder than any other try.  so this time, i'm making it like i'm going to the superbowl! i'm excited and i'm going to stay that way.  i'm surrounding myself with positive optimism.
i may fall on my face in the end, but i know i'll have you girls to pick me back up.


Mary said...

I love it that your dh holds out hope for the natural way. He sounds adorable.

Yay for your upcoming 'frozen possibilities'!

sunflowerchilde said...

Hmmmm, you might be right about the attitude. I'm not so sure that whether you're hopeful and excited or neutral or pessimistic has any effect on how completely crappy you feel after a failed cycle. And being hopeful and optimistic certainly makes for a happier time. I think I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

Beautiful Mess said...

I'm always in the "rainbows and sunshine" mind set. I'm not sure if it makes me fall harder when it doesn't work out in my favor, but I do know that it's A LOT easier to go down the road that way. I hope it's the same way for you. You deserve to be happy and FEEL happy!
Enjoy the sex and time with your excited hubby. Singing a hopeful song with ya ;o)

Hillary said...

My DH is always hopeful we'll get pg the old natural way, too. It's probably partly because they don't read as much as we do about all this stuff :) I'm also trying to have a more hopeful, postitive attitude...hopefully it will help us with the emotional side of IF, at least.

Hope.Faith.Patience said...

ha ha 'i'm bring hopeful back' too. You've inspired me :-) It seems to me like every cycle brings with it a different emotion. Last time I was just oozing optimism, the time before that I was negative and this time i've been kind of neutral. Bring on the optimism!!! I Hope AF comes soon so you can can get your thaw cycle underway!