Tuesday, May 26, 2009

check check

i had my suppression check today.  all is quiet and as it should be.  because they have a bunch of IVF patients all on the same schedule, i have to continue the 10 units of lupron through Friday and start the stims and the reduced lupron on saturday.  (they are trying to space us all out so there are no scheduling conflicts).

my headache seems to have finally subsided.  phew!  


Liv said...

oh, my how crazy to have to keep going on lupron on account of so many in the same boat at the same time.

I hope the headaches stay away. Keep up the good work there my dear!

My Journey said...

It is good to read about someone who is just getting started with all this. It's good to know what is coming my way!

Megan said...

glad you are feeling better. Good luck with stims!!!