Sunday, May 31, 2009

shooting up in public

okay, so i had to bring my lu.pron and a needle (and a little portable sharps container) to a concert on friday night.  i got my bag searched.  they opened my wallet, they looked through my change purse, apparently looking for the kind bud i was not carrying and totally missed the drug paraphernalia. phew.  i did make sure with my cop friend that it was legal for me to be carrying around needles in my purse, and it is, but i was still glad i didn't have to explain myself.  shooting up in the bathroom proved to be slightly challenging, what with the lack of sterile surfaces in the stall for me to put things on, but i managed.  

on saturday i had to go out to my car at a function to shoot up, this time adding in the second shot (gonal.f)  man i am a regular junkie these days....

so far all is alright with the stims.  i felt a little out of it/tired today, but that may have been from my busy weekend...i was bummed i couldn't enjoy the weather on my kayak today.  the doc says i can't "bend, twist or lift" while on the stims to avoid OHSS  which sounds incredibly painful and unpleasant, so i will abide.  i did get out for a nice long walk with a friend and our pups though :)

hope you all had a nice weekend.


Mary said...

I bet you never thought you would be such an experienced junkie, lol. Good job!

Beautiful Mess said...

If on;y you could get paid for being such a good shot ;o) Glad you were able to enjoy the weekend! good job following doctor's orders.