Thursday, May 14, 2009

the junk

i am a junkie anticipating her next fix.
i have fondled the needles in anticipation.
i have read and reread my drug calendar.

i start on the junk tomorrow.
and i can't wait to shoot up.

i just want to be doing something that could actually do something.

i never thought i'd be here...but here i am.


Mary said...

You are so cute. I'm glad that you're so excited about starting treatment. I think having a good attitude has to help:) Go C!

Missy said...

Good luck! And where's the obligatory pic of your drug stash?

Beautiful Mess said...

Yeah what Missy said! Thinking and sending you positive thoughts!

Just me said...

Oof, me too! I feel like I've jsut been waiting and waiting through this BCP to DO SOMETHING.

It appears we're on similar cycles. I start the Lu.pron tonight...