Monday, February 23, 2009

getting started

yay!  aunt flo FINALLY arrived (sort of) on Saturday.  I called the doc this morning to make sure it counted, since it only lasted one day and they said that was typical of provera.  i go in tomorrow morning for my baseline ultrasound and i'll also begin the clomid tomorrow evening.  i will take clomid until saturday and go in on monday for another ultrasound to see how big my follicles are.

i am feeling excited and anxious just to get this process rolling, although i am trying not to get too excited about the IUI working the first time.  it seems like most blogs i read mention at least a few failed IUI's.  Has anyone actually gotten pregnant with a first IUI?? If you have, I would certainly love to know.  i have acupuncture today and i will let her know that our IUI's may be next week.  she is wonderful and will work around my schedule to do a treatment before and after each IUI.

fingers crossed. 

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