Wednesday, February 25, 2009


so,  my baseline ultrasound.  
i drank and drank and drank water for an hour leading up to the u/s.  They were running late and I wasn't sure i had drunken (?) enough water, so i sat in the waiting room and drank some more.  Then,  i started realizing i definately drank enough, since i was starting to worry how much longer i could hold it.   they finally called me in.  They did a regular u/s (wand on the belly).  she remarked at how full my bladder was.  then i got to pee! best news i had heard all day. 
 when i got back into the room, i was to disrobe from the waist down.  the woman then busted out an enormously large wand.  i was a little scared.  she assured me that most of it was a handle. ( i didn't quite believe her). she didn't seem all that comfortable inserting it, like, she didn't look and just sort of pushed in the general direction until it went in.  which was a little weird, although someone told me later that when they had it done, they were told to insert it themselves, "like a tampon". hmmm.  
anyways,  it was fine.  as she did the u/s, she said, "do you have PCOS? has anyone ever mentioned that?"  um, no, but apparently i do if you see cysts all over my ovaries!?!  they had told me someone would call to give me the go ahead to start clomid on day 3.  at 4, no one had called, so i called them.  the nurse called back and told me i could start the pills.  when i asked about PCOS, she said, "well, you just have lots of follicles on your ovaries, like 20, when most people have 3".  That's when i said, "isn't that exactly what PCOS means?" (i mean come on lady, i googled it).  she said she'd have the doc call me back.  so, now i have been diagnosed with PCOS.  we are going ahead with this months plan and the doctor put some info in the mail for me.  he said that he will add metformin if this cycle doesn't work, but said, (in his very cute accent) "well i tink you will be pregnant dis month, so you won't need to see me again. but if not, we will add the metformin.  but hopefully we won't need to worry about it."  
he's so cute and it made me so happy that he was so hopeful and positive.   


kate said...

Hmm. There's lots of ways to be diagnosed with PCOS. Typically, polycysts are only one small part of the equation. Those cysts can be caused by many things, only one of which is one of the two varieties of classic PCOS. If your doctor hasn't done it yet, you might consider asking him to test your androgen levels as that is the only true reliable test as to whether or not a drug like Metfo.rmin would help with your ovarian cysts. Typically, if your cysts aren't caused by out of whack hormone levels, the Met. won't help at all (met. helps regulate blood sugar levels, which in turn regulates hormone levels).

You may have already had this done, and you may have already confirmed a PCOS diagnosis, but if not, then in the interest of pursuing the best treatment for you that is possible, you should consider the presence of other symptoms (specifically hormone levels) before pursuing one form of treatment over another.

Just my (completely unsolicited, got-my-M.D.-from-Google, know-it-all-style) advice. I'd probably just ignore me if I was you!

S said...

I hope the doctor is right too!! that would be...awesome!