Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i hope this means they're workin'


my ovaries are sore and achy.  i am very aware of them.  it is mild to moderately bothersome.

i sure hope this means they are growing eggs like crazy 
(but not too crazy)


Just me said...

Do you have an u/s soon? I have one tomorrow morning...

Mary said...

That's great!!

Hillary said...

Me too -- I hope you ovaries are nice and full of excellent eggs :) Hang in there - you must be close to ER?!


Liv said...

Hope they are cooking nicely yet not overflowing their baking vessel. :o)

Good luck, Good luck, Good luck!

Liv said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Just returning the question. I didn't want to convert to IVF because my insurance company only covers 3 in a lifetime. So, I'd rather wait and then move to the IVF protocol and perhaps get many more mature follicles than what the IUI is doing.

Luckily, my E2 platau'd and I get to trigger tonight!!!