Tuesday, March 17, 2009

it's a LOVE/HATE relationship

i have a love/hate relationship with my progesterone suppositories.

i love that they nourish my lining and make it nice and welcoming for a little embryo to burrow right in for the long hall. (well, i guess it's technically a blastocyst before it implants)

i love that it is NOT a shot


i hate that these "yellow bullets" make me feel like i've wet myself....all day long
i hate that they seem to be making me very, very tired, of course this may be all in my head and could have something to do with the fact that i am no longer consuming any caffeine...

warning: too much info below

i hate that they make my boobs sore and my nipples are constantly hard, like harder than they have ever been, and did i mention they hurt?

i also hate that they also seem to be causing some swelling at the point of insertion...if you know what i mean.... what's that all about?

anyway, i will continue to stuff the little yellow bullets up my vajayjay each morning in hopes that it will help "hold the baby in" as mr.m likes to say.

i have to write about something as i wait.....

only 1 more week until my blood test!


sunflowerchilde said...

I didn't know that women ever get progesterone supplementation after an IUI. Do you mind if I ask why your doctor prescribed it for you? I'm wondering if I need the same thing, b/c I have a lot of spotting before my period, but no one has ever mentioned it.

Good luck with your last week of waiting, I'm seriously keeping my fingers crossed for you. Thanks for the updates!

sunflowerchilde said...

Thanks for the advice. As it happens, I told my doctor about the spotting I've been having and she prescribed the progesterone on her own. Now I'm looking forward to having my own not-fun symptoms, but I totally agree with you, it will be worth it if it helps even the tiniest bit.

Mary said...

Ouch. Sorry, hon. I think I'm going to have to start those next cycle too. It does not sound like fun at all.