Wednesday, March 11, 2009

IUI#1, done

Last night at 10 pm i did my trigger shot of Ovidrel.  I was nervous about it, but i tried not to think too much and just did it.  it wasn't bad at all.  phew.  i really hope i don't have to get used to giving myself shots.....

this morning i met with the fill-in acupuncturist.  she was very nice and a little more crunchy and needle happy than Jeanne, my regular lady.  then i was off to the doctor.  

i was early, but they were able to take me in shortly after i got there.  i assumed the position and checked out the sperm.  i had to sign off that it was my hubby's sample.  then they pushed the 6.4 million motile guys up into my uterus through a catheter.  the speculum was uncomfortable, but everything else was fine.  the nurse then elevated my hips and got me my book and i laid (lay?) there for about 15 minutes.  i went back to acupuncture on my way home for another treatment.

the whole way to my appointments this morning i listened to the music from our wedding.  it makes me so happy.  anytime i hear any of the songs, i tear up and think about my wedding day, which was definitely the happiest, most perfect day of my life.  mr.m and i said our vows on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  here is the song list:
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by IZ (flower girls, ring bearer and mom's)
"Sea of Love" by Cat Power ( i walked down to this)
"Better Together" by Jack Johnson (after we were married, we walked out to this)
"Sweeter Than Ever" by Susan Tedeschi (our first dance)

everywhere i saw "signs" that further fueled my positive energy, because i'm crazy like that.  get up there guys, find that egg!


mary said...

Alright! And the 2ww begins for you...I hope it goes by super fast.

S said...

FX for you! Hope this works for you on the first try!!

Hillary said...

Whoo-hoo!! Congrats on entering the tww!

Tiffanie said...

thanks for the comment on my blog!

and, hey, we had our iui's on the same day. looks like we are in the 2ww together:) good luck.