Monday, March 30, 2009

visit with the RE

today i had a visit with the RE.  based on the very low motility from the SA and IUI, he has recommended we move forward to IVF.  i will continue this cycle with clomid and IUI, and he also added Metformin.  in the meantime, mr.m will have a second SA for the insurance and they will apply to the insurance company for us to start IVF if this cycle is unsuccessful.  i am glad to have a plan.  i am trying to hold on to a little bit of hope that this IUI cycle will be a success, but i'm having a hard time mustering it up right now.  we'll see...

it's funny, when i started this journey i was scared shitless of IVF.  i hoped i never had to do it, and imagined the decision would be far into the future.  and here we are, starting to plan for it. i feel okay about it.  i feel that it will give us a much better chance of actually having a baby and being able to forget about this whole infertility thing for while. i am scared of all the shots and the retrieval, but i am trying not to think about it too much.  i know i will just do what i have to do.

my RE also mentioned that because of my age (i'm 30) he will only transfer 1 embryo.  i think if i had the choice, i would choose 2 to increase our chances of success. i was actually a little surprised that it wasn't even an option.  any thoughts on this?  


S said...

Good luck! I hope that the 2nd IUI works, making IVF unnecessary. It is good to know that you have another option to try just in case.

I'll be reading along with interest.

Hillary said...

I'm glad you have a plan, although I'm sorry you'll have to jump straight to IVF. Like pp said, hopefully this will be your miracle IUI!

How low is your DH's motility pre and post wash?

Missy said...

Good luck! That sounds like a good plan.

sunflowerchilde said...

I think it's great to have plans, and contingency plans. I also think that if you're financially and emotionally ready for IVF, then you should definitely do whatever it takes to increase your chances.

I do think it's a bit strange that the doctor would not even give you the option of transferring two embryos, though. Can you get a second opinion on that? I haven't done all the research about risks and success rates and everything, but I wouldn't think having twins would be considered that high-risk and IVF is only 50% successful on average, as far as I know.

Tiffanie said...

that sucks that you are going to have to do IVF, but a plan is always helpful.

very odd that your RE only transfer's 1 embryo. i'm also 30, but mine will do 2. my old RE would have done 3 if we wanted. (yikes!)

good luck:)

Beautiful Mess said...

Good luck with your IUI, I hope that your plans for IVF are unneeded. If they are, I'm glad you have a plan. Sending you so many hugs and vibes of good luck!

I want you to know that I appreciate your comment on my blog regarding my post today. I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me to put THAT out there and get so much support back. I hope I can give you back the exact same feeling you gave me.