Wednesday, June 10, 2009


oh my, i sure am bloated and sore.  i was given instructions to eat lots of protein, and drink a gallon of fluid per day, half of which has to be gatorade.  i am doing all those things, but i have gained 2.5 pounds of fluid since the retrieval.  i think it's okay, they said to expect to gain 1-2 pounds and call if i was gaining more than 2 pounds per day. the 2.5 pounds was over 2 days, so i think it's okay, but i feel sore and bloated!  i actually caught myself doing a version of the pregnancy waddle where i was moving with my belly first.  i feel like i can't bend over.  i hope this goes away soon.


Liv said...

Oh, wow how absolutely uncomfortable you must feel. I hope this goes away very soon too!

many hugs!

Anonymous said...

Just be sure to keep your doctor informed so you don't have complications from OHSS. Hope you feel better soon. Waiting to hear how your embies are doing!