Thursday, June 4, 2009

she said, "holy moly!" *updated*

no kidding, 

first the u/s tech checked out my left ovary.  there were 3 measurable follicles, (11, 12, 13mm) and lots more that were under 10.  she then moved over to my right ovary and exclaimed,
i said, "yeah, my right side has been killing me"
"no wonder" she said," there are 12 big follicles!"(i forget all the measurements, most were 12 or 13, a few were 15 and 16)

she then proceeded to ask how much meds i was on and how many follicles i had before (on clomid) (1 the first time and zero the second)

she told me it was a party in there!

hopefully my blood results are equally as good.  back again everyday now until i trigger.  i will update this afternoon when i hear back from the nurse.

***UPDATE: The nurse called back and said I am responding well.  She didn't tell me my levels of anything, which is fine since i wouldn't know what they meant and would be consulting dr. google about them anyway.  one less thing to worry about.  I am to reduce my gonal.f to 150 tonight and tomorrow and go for bloodwork and u/s on saturday.


Liv said...

I've got my mariachi's out and I'm joining the party!

keep growing little buddies!

Beautiful Mess said...

Now that's a party I want to be invited too! Keep the party goin! *singing* Party like a rock star, kick a little a$$...

Just me said...

wooo-ee! good for you! I hope my follicles take notes from yours and get their asses in gear! :) Can't wait to read the update...

Hillary said...

That sounds like great news!! Keep us posted :)

Mary said...

Yay for a party!!