Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i will not pee on a stick
i will not pee on a stick
i will not pee on a stick
i will not pee on a stick


S said...

Ooh, it's hard not to test, isn't it?! I've been debating buying some dollar store tests and testing out my trigger this cycle, but I think it will drive my batty if I do it.

Hold out! Be strong!!

Mary said...

I've never been good at that part:)

Just me said...

Did you take an HCG shot? That's what keeps me from doing it. I know if there is any HCG left in my system from my shot it would be a complete waste of a test. I wouldn't be able to believe it until the beta anyway. Even with out the shot, I'm at a point where I'm not sure I'll really "believe" until at least the 2nd beta and possibly not until the 1st u/s.

Beautiful Mess said...

Is it working? I think I might be able to convince myself it won't work. Then I'd probably talk myself out of that convincing. It's a terrible cycle of thoughts, isn't it?

Tiffanie said...

i held out for 9dp3dt. i really didn't want to test before that because i was afraid that it would be negative and i felt it was better to not know. anyway, i got a faint line, but definately a line and i knew that the hcg was out of m system by then.

good luck. let us know if you do POAS:)

and, i know what you mean about not wanting to tell people the result. a lot of people knew that we were doing ivf. i felt that our friends and families that had been with us through the last 3 yrs of ttc deserved to know whether it was good or bad news. we did preface it by s/t like "it is still very early and things could still happen" b/c in a perfect world we would have had the option of waiting atleast for the first tri to be over. oh well. the support we have rec'd was worth it.