Saturday, June 27, 2009

RE appointment

friday, mr.m and i met with the RE to discuss next steps.  he recommended moving forward with the thaw cycle, beginning after my NEXT period.  i didn't want to skip a month, and when i explained that, he said, "well, you want to get pregnant don't you?"  his take on it is that my body needs a month to get all of the meds from last cycle out of my system, as well as to completely shed the lining from that cycle as well.  he is sure this will increase our chance of success.  if i don't get my period on my own, he will give me provera on 7/27.  i trust him.  the place i go has the best success rates in the area, so i figure they've got a formula they like to stick to.  he did agree to put 2 blasts in.  (we have 2 expanded blasts that they will thaw first and 1 early blast in case one of the others doesn't survive)

over the next 4 weeks, i am going to go to a trainer 3 days a week and also try to eat nothing but healthy food.  over the last few months, my exercise has kind of dwindled and i'd like to feel good and maybe lose a few pounds that i gained from all the hormones and stress.  

especially if i'm going to be eating for 3....


Hillary said...

Sounds like a great plan, although I know the waiting is hard. Thinking of you.

Beautiful Mess said...

That's hard to have to listen and follow instructions especially when you just want to stomp your foot on the ground and throw a tantrum! Good luck with your month off. Even MORE luck with your cycle! I'm sending you lots of prayers.