Thursday, June 25, 2009

i don't want a break

i'm feeling a little better today.  one of my girlfriends invited me and mr. over for tacos and beer last night.  it was a very nice gesture and was just what i needed.  

i've decided i would like to express some concerns to the RE tomorrow about taking a break.  i don't want to take a break and here are the reasons i'm going to bring up with him.

1. i feel like we just had a 2 month break.  i had an IUI in march, april's cycle was cancelled and may i was on BCP getting ready for my june IVF.

2. i feel like a FET (frozen embryo transfer) IS a break.  it gives my body a little break because there will be no stimming, no retrieval surgery, etc.

3.  i'm working part time in july and i took all of august off.  i'd rather use that time to get to all the appointments, etc. rather than push things into september when i will be working full time again and busy with new kids and the start of school.  families depend on me for childcare and any day i need off, they are left without it.

i'm not sure he'll agree, but i figure it's worth a shot.  i also want to double check with the insurance people that i will still be approved for a fresh cycle if the thaw cycle doesn't work.  originally i was only approved for 2 IVF cycles and the nurse told me the thaw cycle does count as an IVF.  if i can only do one more, i'd rather do another fresh cycle.  the nurse doesn't think it will be a problem since i have the insurance with the best infertility coverage, but i would want to double check before the thaw cycle.

i'm really glad the RE is going to see us tomorrow.  i'm interested in seeing if they learned any more information during this last cycle that may improve our chances next time.  we were never told the letter grades of our embryos so i'd like to know that too.  i also want to ask him what our chances are of conceiving on our own without medical intervention.  i think mr. needs to hear it from the horses mouth.  he still keeps talking about "trying for another year on our own" which frustrates me to no end.



Just me said...

I have an appt on Monday, and I don't want to take a break either. I'm not sure what they'll say or how the fact that I got my period today will play into it... but I'm off also until Labor Day and it would suck to have to go through all of this again (since we have no frozen embryos) the first month of school. :(

I'm glad you're feeling better. :) Hugs to you and your DH.

Tiffanie said...

i'm so sorry this cycle didn't work. make sure you express all of your concerns and get all of your quetions answered at your appt.

best of luck with the upcoming FET.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I did two fresh cycles back to back and it worked for me, so I don't see why you can't do a fresh/frozen back to back.

Beautiful Mess said...

Stand up for yourself, hon! If you feel a break is not needed, put for the next cycle. It's YOUR body!
I've been sending you lots of prayers and many thoughts of peace and comfort. I hope you've been receiving them.

Liv said...

I think you have some excellent reasons to go to this FET. I HOPE that the insurance does not consider this going towards your max of 2 IVF.

You know that insurance doesn't even make sense from a business perspective. Why would anyone be motivated to continue with the least expensive alternative that would be FET when they could have a fresh IVF covered that would be #1 more expensive and #2 could theroreticaly (And I don't mean you here...) leave one in an ethical quandry over what to do with an excessive number of frozen embies?

It's just another reason insurance companies are clueless when it comes to IF.

Good luck working this out this week!

Liv said...
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Lorza said...

YEAH for tacos and beer!!! I am glad you had friend that was sensitive to your need for a distraction..of tacos and beer! WOO HOO!

I agree- sounds like you have had a break!! What did your RE say yesterday? I agree with Liv- insurance companies are clueless.