Saturday, June 13, 2009

there's something in there

one beautiful expanded blastocyst is inside of my uterus.

i hope the little one is finding it comfy and cozy in there and finds a nice cushy spot to nestle in and stick around a while.

even though they just told me to take it easy, i'm totally crazy and laying down and i don't want to sit up for fear of squishing him.


Beautiful Mess said...

Do what you need to do to ease you mind! Enjoy your time laying around. Crossing fingers and sending you LOTS of good JUJU for your little one!

Mary said...

I would do the same thing:)

Lorza said...

Awwww. I am hoping it sticks! I found your blog through many many clicks...I dont' even remember. :) Looking at your timeline we went to the RE at the same time (11-08) sigh. We have yet ANOTHER appointment next week.

I really hope this works for you!!!

NoodleGirl said...

Yay for ET! Sending you tons of embie-snuggle vibes. And yay for an excuse to take it easy!

Tiffanie said...

hope you get a bfp soon too!